About us

Our enterprise is developed out of two well-established businesses, ’Rossaint Design’ based in Germany and ‘Kookaburra Marketing Consulting’ based in Australia.

Together we have an extensive knowledge about brand design, website development and internet marketing.

Maarten van Bokkel is a retired Dutch Army Officer and a freelance Marketing Consultant. He worked as a project manager for many international projects. After a 25-year career in the Dutch Armed Forces and NATO he immigrated in 1999 to Australia, established his own business and works as a Marketing specialist for businesses and corporations around the world. With his knowledge about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation he assist clients to get the best out of their website. He enjoys getting businesses and corporations top rankings in Google and increasing the public awareness of his client’s products and services via online marketing.

Sascha Rossaint has worked on all sorts of design projects from simple flyer design to complex websites to branding from scratch. Nothing fascinates him like brand design however so he made it his specialty. He really enjoys the process of drilling to the core of an idea to define a brands personality.